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During the COVID crisis, all photoshop work is Pay-What-You-Can. Click services/contact to submit your photo or get more info.


Photoshop Touchups/Elevation

My work: skilled, natural headshot touchups that fix the capture. Too many headshots have smudges under the eyes or flattened dynamics. 

You deserve a photograph that radiates and captures the life, light, and depth you bring as a person.

My philosophy: It's possible to touch up a photo and keep the subject human. My work philosophy is also body- and skin-positive. I only do work that fixes photos/captures, as I don’t believe people need fixing. You’re all stunners.

A note on inclusion: Your natural skin color is part of what makes you beautiful and part of what makes you you. I intentionally train in photoshop work for people of color to honor the tones they radiate in life and work to bring that truth out in my photo work.

It started when my own headshots were blown out, and my skin lost its warmth, its depth - its color. I was lightened in a way that didn't match life. I wanted my skin back. Conversely, my friends with lighter skin will often be bronzed or coppered to a gold-wash - they're flattened, and that's not really true, either.

In my art, I believe we can have photo work that shows a glow on our skin while upholding the depth and richness of our true color. 

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