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services available


    Web Page from Scratch | Includes: 
    ⇒ Template structure, flow, and design 
    ⇒ Page-building: 8 pages included
    ⇒ Content Population
    ⇒ Graphic Logo Creation
    ⇒ Acceptable platforms in drag and drop: Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, WordPress
    ⇒ Brand Building and Cohesion

    Web Page Refresher | Includes: 
    ⇒ Update current design scheme for contemporary feel and/or function: 8 pages included 
    ⇒ Content Population
    ⇒ Acceptable platforms in drag and drop: Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, WordPress
    ⇒ Brand Cohesion

    Creating Content | Includes: 
    ⇒ Blog posts with SEO
    ⇒ Stock Photo Selection
    ⇒ "About" section bio
    ⇒ Additional language to existing content
    ⇒ Brand-cohesive assets and images

    Content Organizer | Includes: 
    ⇒ Topic Generators
    ⇒ SEO Recommendations
    ⇒ Social Media Post Language Builder
    ⇒ Blog outlines

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What does "structure/flow/design" include?

⇒ Developing/personalizing shape, layout, and animation of site pages

⇒ Organizing menu content and page titles, relationships, and heirarchy

What does "Content Population" include?
⇒ language 

⇒ images (unless provided by client)

⇒ internal links

⇒ site organization for each page

⇒ SEO language

What does "Basic Graphic Logo" include?

⇒ Graphic design that captures your company/brand

⇒ 3 Assets created for various platforms in transparent background for unlimited use


What does "drag and drop platform" include?

⇒ Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, WordPress - these are platforms that allows designers to create with forward-facing insight into the perfect look and behavior for a site that is personalize exactly for you

⇒ Recommended platform: Wix! It's beautiful. It comes with the most dynamic applications and options that keep your site looking unique while maintaining easy-to-use changes and updates.

What does "Branding" include?

⇒ Branding includes choosing the right font, color scheme, design, image and language cohesion throughout your site and materials

⇒ Branding identifies the tone of your company/person and curates a site to capture and express that to every visitor


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